Chouette by Claire Oshetsky

Four Stars For Chouette by Claire Oshetsky
☆☆☆☆ .ePUB, 205 pages
Expected Publication:  16 November 2021
By Ecco

Your father wants to fix you, and I want us to love you as you are.

This book is not for everyone. I am not sure if I am smart enough to know what exactly what this book is, what it means or what it is trying to say. It is an allegory I suppose and there are many themes throughout. Instead of trying to guess I am just going to give my take on it.

Yes Chouette is about motherhood, mental health, family and marriage. I took the fact that Charlotte/Chouette is an owl baby to mean she is differently abled as the rest of her family are dog people. One thing I will say, this book was so absorbing, I couldn't put it down. It made me feel so many things, the writing was beautiful and I cared about Tiny and Chouette so much. I felt Tiny's pain, love and confusion about her beloved baby. I felt her hurt when her husband ignores her. Claire Oshetsky writes a brilliant take on motherhood that pushed boundaries and shows what it means to be a mother and the sacrifices we make for our children. I loved it.

With many thanks to NetGalley, Claire Oshetsky and Ecco for the giving of the ARC.

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