Perfectly Ordinary People by Nick Alexander

Perfectly Ordinary People
.ePUB, 399 pages
Published: 26 July 2022
By: Lake Union Publishing

About The Book:
In occupied France, two people sacrificed everything. Now their granddaughter has come looking for the truth…Ruth’s childhood was a happy one, and her family—on her mother’s side—large and loving. But her father’s French origins have always remained a mystery. Now, with aged relatives beginning to die, Ruth decides to research her father’s family before it’s too late. When she discovers a series of long-lost cassettes, everything she thought she knew about them shatters. The tapes expose an unimaginable truth – an epic wartime story of hidden love and sacrifice, stretching back to occupied France. These long-buried confessions will rock Ruth’s family—and finally piece together the puzzle of her father’s heritage. But are any of them ready for the truth?

My Review:
Love isn’t like a cake. 
It doesn’t get smaller when you give bits of it away. 
Love is more like a tree. The more you nurture it, the bigger it grows.

I have read four other books by Nick Alexander The Other Son , The Road to Zoe , From Something Old as well as The Bottle of Tears and they were all four or five-star reads for me. He is an author that NEVER disappoints so when I have a chance to read one of his books, I grab it.

The book is told in two different timelines. We have Ruth in the 90s' searching out information on her paternal grandparents and in cassette form we have her grandmother discussing her experiences during WWII, in occupied France. 

It is incredibly difficult to put into words all the feels this story gave me but I will try. The book made me cry, it is so heartbreakingly sad yet beautifully written. The torture that the Jewish people and those in the gay community suffered at the hands of the Nazis was devastating to me, what a harrowing experience it was to read about it let alone live it. This isn't your typical World War II book, it is more about communities and family secrets, although I did learn a lot about the history during that time.

This book and its characters will stay with you long after you have finished reading it. The characters are all so very believable and even though there is some really tough subject matter there are also some light-hearted moments to make you smile and I loved that the book had such contrasting storylines, it was easier to continue with the tough parts that way. It was also very sad to learn that the author based this on actual events and even gives his readers a couple of book recommendations. Nick Alexander writes about ordinary people in the most extraordinary way.

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