Lost Luggage by Samantha Tonge

Lost Luggage
.ePUB, 268 pages
Expected Publication: 22 Sept 2022
By: Boldwood Books
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About The Book:
or almost fifty years, sisters Dolly and Greta have lived together – getting each other through the good times and the bad. Except this year, Greta isn’t there and Dolly is feeling lost and alone. In memory of her sister, Dolly heads to the lost luggage auction where she and Greta go each Christmas. But her bid reveals a gift she never imagined. Amongst the clothes is the notebook of a reclusive woman who has hardly been outside for an entire year, but who isn’t ready to give up on life. The notebook’s contents resonate with Dolly. With the support of her neighbours, retired Leroy and eleven year old Flo, Dolly decides to take on the year of firsts Phoebe had planned. But, can you have a year of firsts when you’re seventy-two? And is Dolly ready to discover the notebook’s secrets, or are some secrets better left lost at the airport?

My Review:
She’d always imagined her sister’s death would be like the ending of a movie about two sisters who’d led unremarkable lives. 
She hadn’t expected a sequel full of intrigue.

A few years ago I read and enjoyed Knowing You and last December I loved reading Under One Roof so when I saw Samantha Tonge had a new contemporary Chick-Lit book available on NetGalley I scooped up the chance to read it and am I ever glad I did, this was such a delightful read. 

 I felt for these characters right away and I cared about what happened to them, in other words, I was fully invested in the outcome in all of their interconnected lives. The story is sad yet funny at the same time and it was very heartbreaking but hopeful too. There were some heavy-hitting subjects in this one like grief, self-esteem, eating disorders, and mental health but Tonge manages to deal with them sensitively and with a sense of humour. 

 Tonge writes an elderly lady, a retired gay man, and an eleven-year-old girl so realistically I was impressed it was all by the same author. I love books with quirkily unique characters and the growth of every single one of them was a wonderful thing to see and read about. I especially loved the moral of the story, family isn't necessarily blood-related and you can feel loved without a romantic partner. 

 This one promised to be "a perfect uplifting, feel-good read" and it totally delivered. The end of the book was a tad predictable but I loved everything else so much I am willing to overlook it. All. The. Stars.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Boldwood Books, and Samantha Tonge for the giving of the ARC.

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