Bernice Runs Away by Talya Tate Boerner

Bernice Runs Away
.ePUB, 360 pages
Expected Publication: 01 Oct 2022
By: One Mississippi Press, LLC
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About The Book:
Life hasn’t always been easy for Bernice, but she is reasonably content at the ripe age of eighty-one. She has raised two children, buried both her husband and son, and is doing okay despite a few minor health issues. When Bernice’s daughter, Sarah, insists the time has come for Bernice to forfeit her independence and move into her backyard carriage house, Bernice refuses. “I have a perfectly good house in Arkansas. Why on earth would I move to Atlanta?” Despite Bernice’s protestations, Sarah moves forward with death cleaning and estate sale planning as though Bernice has no say in the matter. Bernice has plenty to say about a variety of things. With Miss Fiona packed stem to stern with only those things that spark joy (thank you, Marie Kondo) and inspired by an old black-and-white photograph of her first true love, Bernice leaves her cozy home in Savage Crossing without a glance in the rearview mirror. And without a word to her family. Once Bernice decides to run away, there is no telling what might happen next.

My Review:
No way does 81-year-old Bernice want to move from her house in Arkansas to live in her daughter's guest cottage in Atlanta so she "runs away". This story was so engaging and Bernice was such a charismatic character. She has lived through a lot and her spunky personality lets it show. 

I was cheering Bernice on the entire time I was reading this book. I wanted her to have a good relationship with her family but I also wanted her to claim her independence and make up her own mind. Would you want to be forced to leave your home of 50+ years?

This is a character-driven novel and Bernice is a character who is a force to be reckoned with. At times heartbreakingly sad with snippets of laugh-out-loud moments, this book ticked all the boxes for me. I won't soon forget Bernice, spending time with her was pure joy.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Talya Tate Boerner, and One Mississippi Press, LLC for the giving of the ARC.

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