Happiness is a Thing With Wings by Susi Osborne

.ePUB, 281 pages
Expected Publication: August 28, 2022
By: Book Guild Publishing

About The Book:
Joanna is approaching the end of her forties and the empty nest syndrome looms. She consoles herself with gin and chocolate, realising that apart from raising her son Jack, she has achieved absolutely nothing. Somewhat on the plus side of plump and barely five feet tall, she finds it difficult not to envy her younger, prettier sister. Such elevated elegance seems so unfair – as does Hannah’s successful marriage. Joanna, in contrast, has remained in a loveless marriage for the past thirty years, stuck in a rut with the most miserable man on the planet but not having the impetus to get out. It takes an embarrassing but hilarious encounter in the supermarket to make her realise what she’s been missing. It’s exactly the push she needs to make her change her life. With a little encouragement, Joanna starts to regain her independence, finally leaving her grumpy husband to enjoy life as a single woman. As she attempts to rebuild her own future, her family and friends continually surprise her with their own revelations. Life is never dull, laughter never far away; can Joanna finally find true happiness within herself at last?

My Review:
This book made me think of the old adage "What are you saving the good dishes for?" You only live once, so live life to the fullest and that is what Joanna, our main character, is trying to do now that she is turning 49. Stuck in a loveless marriage for the last thirty years she decides to leave her husband, gets a new job, and moves into Bluebell cottage.

I despised David, the husband. He is everything you don't want in a significant other and I have no idea why Joanna was with him in the first place, I mean his own son didn't even like him. Her sister Hannah is a selfish, spoilt brat and I didn't like her much either. Her saving grace is her son, Jack...a mother's dream...except for his girlfriend Pixie whom Joanna calls Poxie. LOL

Joanna reminded me a lot of myself. I am a woman of a certain age and I too feel invisible at times. I really felt for her and I too have had empty nest syndrome. I liked that Joanna didn't rush into a romantic relationship right away, that happens far too often in books and I like seeing the woman find her strength and try and make it on her own. Some parts were so funny I was laughing out loud, they were so relatable and so was Joanna. The book has a lot of internal dialogue so I felt I really got into Joanna's head and got to know her and I am so glad she found her happiness and her wings.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Susi Osborne, and Book Guild Publishing for the giving of the ARC.

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