The Eternal Return of Clara Hart by Louise Finch

The Eternal Return of Clara Hart
.ePUB, 198 pages
Published: 04 August 2022
By: Little Island Books
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About The Book:
Spence and Anthony have been friends for years, but it’s only when he witnesses a classmate die in what looks like a tragic accident at a house party that a flicker in the fabric of time helps Spence ‘see’ Anthony for the first time. When Spence wakes up to the same day again and sees Clara, the girl who died, alive and well, it’s clear he’s been granted a second chance. And a third. And a fourth…Caught in a loop, condemned to experience the same 24 hours over and over, Spence tries to prevent the terrible events of the party. To break the spell he has to re-evaluate everything he previously took for granted and find the courage to call out his own and others complicity in events that marked the life and death of Clara Hart.

My Review:
This book broke me. I am not really into science fiction but I love a good time travel or time loop story. This book is also classified as young adult, another genre that I am not usually interested in but 2022 is my year of reading outside the box and stepping into different genres that aren't my usual cup of tea. The Eternal Return of Clara Hart is exactly the reason why I choose to do this, finding excellent stories I wouldn't normally pick up, this book ticked all the boxes for me.

This engaging read was serious business right from the get-go and I do mean serious. We have drug use, sexual assault, the death of a parent, roofies being used, and the list goes on and on. I adored James "Spence" Spenser and the way his character grew throughout the book touched my heart. Spence had to face his own demons, see his friends for who they really are, and to stop being so complicit with the macho male behaviour throughout his high school...all while trying to save the girl he comes to care about. Don't let the young adult tag fool you, this one has many mature themes and was quite poignant and compelling, what a marvelous debut. All. The. Stars.

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