Waiting for Sunshine by Jane Sanderson

.ePUB, 397 pages
Publication Date: 21 July 2022
By: Transworld Books

About The Book:
Who would name a child Sunshine, then give her away? Chrissie has always wanted to be a mother. After years of trying to adopt, she and her husband Stuart finally get the news that a little girl named Sunshine is waiting for them. Abandoned at a young age, the child comes to them without a family history, and it feels like a fresh start for all of them. But when fragments from Sunshine's previous life start to intrude on her new one, the little girl's mysterious past quickly becomes Chrissie's greatest fear.

My Review:
This book was both terribly sad and laugh-out-loud funny. I don't know how she did it but Jane Sanderson managed to write the voice and thoughts of a three-year-old girl so real and true to life I could picture Sunny clearly and wanted to pick her up and take her home with me. In fact, all the characters were believable and Chrissie was my favourite of the bunch. She was a woman after my own heart. 

To me, this book was about more than just adoption. Yes, it was a book about parenthood but also different relationships. It is a book about motherhood in all its forms, it is about relationships of all kinds whether that be friendships or romantic ones and otherwise. 

 I loved the part of the plot that dealt with the mystery of Sunshine's background. It kept me interested, it was different, I felt invested and cared about what happened in that aspect, and it was altogether surprising.  I really loved all the musical references, I couldn't get enough of them. 

The ending was heartfelt and very satisfying to this reader and Sunshine is definitely worth waiting for. A wonderful read that is beautifully written and pulls at the heartstrings.

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