From Something Old by Nick Alexander

From Something Old 
.PDF, 313 pages
Expected Publication: May 11th 2021 by Amazon Publishing UK

About the Book:
At thirty-three, nurse Heather is desperately waiting for her romantic life to begin. Then she meets handsome, strong Anthony and is sure she’s found the one. Brushing any doubts aside, she projects all her hopes for true love onto him. Meanwhile, at a yoga retreat in Spain, happy-go-lucky Joe can’t believe his luck when he meets vivacious, witty Amy. She’s the sharpest, most beautiful woman he has ever dated, and the fact that she’s interested in him feels like a dream come true. But new love can be blind, and when the two couples meet, the cracks are easy to see. Will their crossed paths lead the way to happiness? Or are they all destined for heartbreak?

My Review:
Sometimes, in order to build something new, you first have to break something old into pieces.

This is my third book by Nick Alexander and he is quickly becoming a favourite author, I inhale his books I don't read them. He really knows how to write about the human condition, in this story it is about love, sex, marriage and parenthood. I adore the covers of his books as well, they always grab my attention and give a sneak peek as to what's inside.

I love the way that Mr. Alexander can write from the perspective of both male and female characters. I also appreciate the way that the chapters are broken up, from the different characters point of view, which makes for easier reading and lets you feel emotions from everyone's perspective.  Even though there were two not no nice characters in this story it was refreshing to read why they themselves didn't feel like the bad guy.

Nick Alexander is an author who makes the ordinary extraordinary and magical, describing his characters so effortlessly, really bringing them to life and making you, as the reader, care deeply. Once again he writes a beautiful story which shows insight into the lives of others and made this reader turn the pages at an impossible to put down rate. All the stars.

Thank you NetGalley, Nick Alexander and Amazon Publishing UK for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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