Goblin: A Novel in Six Novellas by Josh Malerman

Goblin: A Novel in Six Novellas
.ePUB, 319 pages
Expected Publication: May 18th 2021 by Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine/Del Rey

About the Book:
Goblin seems like any other ordinary small town. But with the master storyteller Josh Malerman as your tour guide, you’ll discover the secrets that hide behind its closed doors. These six novellas tell the story of a place where the rain is always falling, nighttime is always near, and your darkest fears and desires await. Welcome to Goblin. . . .

My Review:
Beautifully written suspenseful horror like only Josh Malerman can. Six novellas in this book that will send shivers up your spine and is a quick read that is hard to put down, the stories here can be disturbing but not gratuitously. The suspense at times is palpable and you'll find yourself pulling for the protagonists. 

These haunting stories have a dreamlike quality to them, heightening the sense of unreality. Malerman proves once again that he is one of the best writers of the horror genre. The length of each novella allows for a bit more character development than most short stories and Malerman uses that to his advantage. Even those we pull for are human with flaws of their own.

If you're familiar with Malerman's writing you will not be disappointed. If you are new to him, whatever your opinion of this collection is, I would recommend exploring a few more of his works, you will likely find a lot to like. 

NOTE: I cannot write this review without mentioning the wonderfully creepy illustrations in this book! They are fabulous black and white sketches that bring the monsters to life. 

Thank you NetGalley, Josh Malerman and Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine/Del Rey for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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