No Place Like Home by Jane Renshaw

No Place Like Home
.ePUB, 276 pages
Expected Publication: April 18th 2021 by Inkubator Books

About the Book:
The Hendriksen family, Bram, Kirsty and their two kids, are living the dream. They have left the rat race of the big city and moved into a gorgeous, custom-built house in the Scottish Highlands. Bram has already planted up a vegetable plot and is planning to create a wildflower meadow and keep chickens and goats. But then a dead crow appears on their washing line, their vegetables are weed-killed and someone shoots at Bertie, a gentle guide dog belonging to Kirsty’s mother. The police say it’s nothing to worry about, it’s just bored local teenagers hanging out in the woods. But Bram is sure that more sinister forces are at work, that these events may be connected to a terrible secret in Kirsty’s past. And he’s right. As the campaign against them escalates, the family is pulled down into a relentless spiral of terror and violence until the home they always dreamed of becomes a nightmare from which they may never escape.

My Review:
Oh how I wanted to love this book, and at first I did. It sucked me in and had me staying up late to finish. It had creepy woods and sinister neighbours...dead crows and scary shots from nowhere...scary masked men and malevolent internet trolls. I was really enjoying it up until three quarters of the way through...that's when it started to get ridiculous. 

I loved the writing and how the suspense kept  me guessing and wanting to read more but there cam a time when I started to shake my first I was okay with this because I don't mind suspending belief a little bit and I don't even mind if it is done in a campy way but this just got WAAAYYYY to far out there, even for me. I mean every person in this family was complacent in some way, except for the blind lady. It was just too much...sorry/not sorry.

Thank you NetGalley, Jane Renshaw and Inkubator Books for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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