The Other Son by Nick Alexander

ebook, 321 pages
Expected publication: December 17th 2019 by Amazon Publishing UK
About the Book:
From the outside, Alice’s marriage looks successful. It’s true that Ken was never her first choice, but four decades in, she’s learned to tolerate him. Their two sons have chosen their own paths, Tim as a successful banker and Matt a carefree globetrotter she can’t keep up with. But when circumstances collide to make her question the life she’s quietly accepted, Alice realises she’s been lying to herself for years. It’s time to stand up and put her own happiness first, but where do you begin when you’ve turned your back on everything? Alice craves the support of someone who understands her, but Tim won’t take sides and his trophy wife won’t give her the time of day. It seems the only person she can really rely on in her new start is herself. Unless … Can her other son come through for her? Matt’s been travelling so long that she barely knows which continent he’s on. But could his experience as the black sheep of the family be just what she needs to finally reveal the secret she’s bottled up for years—and find the happiness she gave up on so long ago?

This book deserves its five stars. It is a very thought provoking book about violence and bullying within a family and how this impacts upon every member and changes their lives. Alice is a wonderful but weak character and Nick has brought her to life perfectly with all her imperfections and I was cheering when she finally stood up for herself. I love how each family member perceives Alice differently, and this is a the great strength of the author's writing, he slowly changes your perception of a character throughout the story. I did silently cheer when Alice finally stood up for herself.

I don't want to give too much away but this book will certainly make you think about what goes on within a family, and I did have tears in my eyes quite a few times, sad and happy ones. All the family members have a sad but uplifting and utterly believable story to tell and from my point of view it left me wanting more, in a good way because I was totally caught up in their lives. I hope the next Nick Alexander book is not too far away.

Thank you NetGalley, Nick Alexander, and Amazon Publishing UK for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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