Magpie by Sophie Draper

Kindle Edition, 377 pages
Published November 28th 2019 by Avon Books UK
About the Book:
Claire lives with her family in a beautiful house overlooking the water. But she feels as if she’s married to a stranger – one who is leading a double life. As soon as she can get their son Joe away from him, she’s determined to leave Duncan. But finding out the truth about Duncan’s secret life leads to consequences Claire never planned for. Now Joe is missing, and she’s struggling to piece together the events of the night that tore them all apart. Alone in an isolated cottage, hiding from Duncan, Claire tries to unravel the lies they’ve told each other, and themselves. Something happened to her family … But can she face the truth?

As I sit here and process the story I reflect back to the opening chapters. This set what I thought would be a fast pace thriller. Instead the execution of building the personal lives of the characters was slow and tedious. I just couldn’t get into them.

I couldn’t find one redeemable character in this book. They both had issues that caused suspicion. Their personal issues were depressing to read. This was turning into a depressing story with characters no one happy?

This story centered around trust and knowing what I now know I can appreciate the story from this angle. Although, the execution was slow and tedious. Great concept I just wish it was delivered differently.

Thank you NetGalley, Sophie Draper and Avon Books UK for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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