Can You Feel This? by Julie Orringer

ebook, 33 pages
Expected publication: December 19th 2019 by Amazon Original Stories
About the Book:
In the chaos of a maternity ward, memories of tragedy and grief come flooding back for an anxious mother-to-be as she struggles to balance her child’s needs with her own healing. Rushed into an emergency cesarean section, a woman finds herself in the same hospital where her suicidal mother died. She’s buried the trauma of her mother’s last hours—and also the dread that she might be just as vulnerable to breaking. As the new mother relives one crisis in the midst of another, prize-winning author Julie Orringer turns the joyous event of birth into a harrowing, poignant short story.

This is a little gem, I found this short story to be mesmerizing and to contain a brilliant character study of a mother before and after giving birth. Quiet, unassuming writing can sometimes wield great power and beauty, and this is exactly what I found in the pages of Can You Feel This?. The writing is marvelous and the story is compelling.

Thank you NetGalley, Julie Orringer and Amazon Original Stories for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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