One In Three by Tess Stimson

ebook, 289 pages
Expected publication: January 5th 2020 by Harper 360
About the Book:
Both of them loved him. One of them killed him . . .
Louise has had to watch her husband, Andrew, start a new family in the four years since he left her. The ‘other woman’ is now his wife – but Louise isn’t ready to let Caz enjoy the life that was once hers, or to let go of the man she still loves. As Louise starts to dig into Caz’s past, the two women’s pretence of civility starts to slip. But in trying to undermine each other, they discover more about the man they both married. And when Andrew is murdered at a family party, both women are found standing over the body. It’s always the wife. But which one?

At the beach, no one can hear you scream.

This was quite the interesting story, I couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting. The narrative shifts back and forth between the points of view of Louise and Caz and we get the "after" chapters as police interviews...I really liked the format and the writing style. This was a very disturbing story, you could feel the characters emotions and kept me in suspense the entire time. The characters were all quite complex and no doubt you will have your favorites while others will try your sympathy. Since the revelations come slowly, you'll need some patience to get at the truth, but it is worth the wait.

If you're anything like me and enjoy a good story that truly pushes you to the edge of your seat in suspense, where you literally can't turn the pages fast enough, then you need to experience Tess Stimson's utterly unputdownable book. It was dark and surprising, yet completely logical and the setup was done very well. I had not anticipated the ending, and yet, it made perfect sense. This is my first book by Tess Stimson...I would definitely read more from this author.

Thank you NetGalley, Harper 360 and Tess Stimson for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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