I Follow You by Peter James

I Follow You
.ePUB, 361 pages
Expected publication: November 2nd 2020 by Canelo

About the Book:
Marcus Valentine seemingly has it all: he’s smart, charming, a successful doctor with a wife, three kids and a job he loves. But something, or rather someone, is missing…One morning, driving to work, he almost runs down a female jogger crossing the road. Marcus cannot take his eyes off her. She is identical to a girl he was infatuated with in his teens. A girl he has never forgotten. Lynette had dumped him harshly. For years he has fantasized about seeing her again. Might that jogger be her, all these years later? Or is it just an incredible coincidence? Soon Marcus is consumed with thoughts of this woman. But when events take a tragic and unexpected turn, his obsession threatens to destroy them both. But still he won’t stop. Can’t stop.

My Review:
The first half of this book really dragged and was really repetitive to the point that I was bored. The second half picked up a bit. The different narrators made the book feel choppy and I just wanted to get down to the nitty-gritty of the story...the stalking.

Although this was hard to get into at first, as the plot started to unfold it was a page turner. I wish the ending wouldn’t have been rushed and the character development would have been a little deeper. It was lacking in depth of characters and corresponding insight to real life, everyone was rich and flew planes and drove fancy cars and I couldn't relate to them.

Thank you NetGalley, Peter James and Canelo for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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