Where Wild Peaches Grow by Cade Bentley

Where Wild Peaches Grow: A Novel
.PDF, 251 pages
Expected Publication: 30 Aug 2022
By: Lake Union Publishing

About The Book:
Nona “Peaches” Davenport, abandoned by the man she loved and betrayed by family, left her Natchez, Mississippi, home fifteen years ago and never looked back. She’s forged a promising future in Chicago as a professor of African American Studies. Nona even finds her once-closed heart persuaded by a new love. But that’s all shaken when her father’s death forces her to return to everything she’s tried to forget. Julia Curtis hasn’t forgiven her sister for deserting the family. Just like their mother, Nona walked away from Julia when she needed her most. And Julia doesn’t feel guilty for turning to Nona’s old flame, Marcus, for comfort. He helped Julia build a new life. She has a child, a career, and a determination to move on from old family wounds. Upon Nona’s return to Natchez, a cautious reunion unfolds, and everything Nona and Julia thought they knew—about themselves, each other, and those they loved—will be tested. Unpacking the truth about why Nona left may finally heal their frayed bond—or tear it apart again, forever.

My Review:
“All families had secrets, and most times they were best if they stayed buried."

I love books that take place in the south, I always feel like I've been on vacation when I finish reading them. This one is a family drama and I was invested right away. I loved getting to know these sisters, their family, and their history (or should I say herstory?). Miscommunication and misunderstanding abound in this novel, isn't that always the way? 

I loved the sense of community and family as each of the characters are connected to each other in some way. They were all fully fleshed out and felt real and true to life. I felt like I knew them. That is why I enjoy stories from different points of view. What I took away from reading this book is that secrets always reveal themselves eventually and that talking things out, instead of holding grudges, is always the best course of action. This was such a compelling story of the different relationships within a family and I loved that.

With many thanks to NetGalley, Cade Bentley and Lake Union Publishing for the giving of the ARC.

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