Caged Little Birds by Lucy Banks

Caged Little Birds
.ePUB, 232 pages
Expected Publication: 15 Sep 2022
By: Sandstone Press

About The Book:
The public think Ava’s a monster. Ava thinks she’s blameless. In prison, they called her Butcher Bird – but Ava’s not in prison any more. Released after 25 years to a new identity and a new home, Ava finally has the quiet life she’s always wanted. But someone knows who she is. The lies she’s told are about to unravel.

My Review:
I loved being inside Ava/Robin's head. Everyone hated her (including me) because they thought she was the reason a child died.  She feels innocent and should be treated that way, it was really easy for me to hate her but the author also made me feel some sympathy too. That was pretty amazing to me. The story itself was very captivating and I was surprised by the emotions I felt reading it. I had so much anger and hate for Ava/Robin. 

Although this started a little on the slow side for me it picked up the pace eventually when I new character was introduced and become a psychological thriller that you won't want to put down. Ava/Robin's mind is a scary place to be when she gets going. I love how all the characters (even though there was a small cast of them) were so well thought out and developed, that I cared about them and felt things for them. A very well-done story that I read in a single sitting.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Sandstone Press, and Lucy Banks for the giving of the ARC.

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