Complicit by Winnie M. Li

.ePUB, 369 pages
Expected Publication: 16 Aug 2022
By: Atria Books/Emily Bestler Books

About The Book:
A Hollywood has-been, Sarah Lai’s dreams of success behind the camera have been put to the wayside. Now a lecturer at an obscure college, this former producer wants nothing more than to forget those youthful ambitions and push aside any feelings of regret…or guilt. But when a journalist reaches out to her to discuss her own experience working with the celebrated film producer Hugo North, Sarah can no longer keep silent. This is her last chance to tell her side of the story and maybe even exact belated vengeance. As Sarah recounts the industry’s dark and sordid secrets, however, she begins to realize that she has a few sins of her own to confess. Now she must confront her choices and ask herself, just who was complicit?

My Review:
This is very much a literary thriller that is intricately and intelligently written. The timely subject matter of the #metoo movement is absorbing. Sarah's story pulled me in and all the cinematic bits were so so interesting. Sarah was so brave in confronting her past and discussing it with Thom. I loved how all the sensitive topics were dealt with throughout, it is nice to see them be part of the plot in fiction. Everything from racism, sexism, and assault to harassment. I enjoyed how in-depth the story was practically starting from Sarah's beginning. I got a real good sense of her as a person and as a character. In fact, all the characters are really fleshed out, well defined, well rounded, and very well developed. The writing kept me engaged and on my toes, I literally felt sickened reading some parts. Hats off to the author for pulling that off and making me feel some very deep emotions. A poignant and daring look into the film industry that I found compelling, beautifully written, and very nuanced.

With many thanks to NetGalley, Atria Books, Emily Bestler Books, and Winnie M. Li for the giving of the ARC.



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