The Accident by Daniel Hurst

The Accident
.ePUB, 219 pages
Expected Publication: 03 Jul 2022
By: Inkubator Books

About The Book:
Single mum Anni would do anything for her little boy, Tobi, he is the center of her world. So she is utterly devastated when Tobi is run over and killed by drunk driver, Carl. Anni hates Carl for what he’s done and takes some comfort from the lengthy prison sentence he is serving. But she can’t live on hate and after a time spent grieving for her son, Anni returns to work and tries to move on with her life. She is lonely without Tobi and glad to make a new friend, Jo. But Jo has a secret. She is connected to the fatal accident in a way that Anni never suspects. And Jo is determined that Anni will never discover the awful truth about what really happened that day. As the two women grow closer, Anni begins to feel that her new friend is keeping something from her. A terrible suspicion begins to dawn and Anni starts to dig deeper into Jo’s past. Will she discover the horrifying truth? Or will she find out just how far some people go to cover up their mistakes?

My Review:
This is a review that is hard to write. We the reader are privy to everything that is going on, we are the fly on the wall in these characters' lives. This book wasn't what I was expecting, it is not a bad book but it isn't the phycological thriller like the cover suggests, it isn't twisty either. The blurb practically tells the whole story and gives everything away. It didn't get really exciting until the very end and then it was all over. Usually, I complain that books are too long, but at 261 pages on my tablet, this one felt way too short and unfinished. It ended just when it was starting to get really good. I feel like I only got half a story so I can only give it half the stars. 

With many thanks to NetGalley, Inkubator Books and Daniel Hurst for the giving of the ARC.

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