The Other Side of Night by Adam Hamdy

The Other Side of NightThe Other Side of Night
.PDF, 352 pages /.ePUB 267 pages
Expected Publication: 15 Sep 2022 / 27 Sep 2022
By: Pan Macmillan / Simon & Schuster Canada / Atria Books

About The Book:
The Other Side of Night begins with a man named David Asha writing about his biggest regret: his sudden separation from his son, Elliot. In his grief, David tells a story. Next, we step into the life of Harriet Kealty, a police officer trying to clear her name after a lapse of judgment. She discovers a curious inscription in a secondhand book—a plea: Help me, he’s trying to kill me. Who wrote this note? Who is “he”? This note leads Harri to David Asha, who was last seen stepping off a cliff. Police suspect he couldn’t cope after his wife’s sudden death. Still, why would this man jump and leave behind his young son? Quickly, Harri’s attention zeroes in on a person she knows all too well. Ben Elmys: once the love of her life. A surrogate father to Elliot Asha and trusted friend to the Ashas. Ben may also be a murderer.

My Review:
If you could know the moment of your end, would you want to?

This book is something else and something special. It stars off as a mystery, turns into science fiction but also has a tad of romance. Sounds crazy, right? Trust me this book is brilliant. How can a mystery be magical and romantic? You'll have to read it to find out. I refuse to talk about what is mentioned in the blurb or plot because the less you know going in the better. Let me just say that the writing is phenomenal, the story is enthralling, the twists are surprising and this book will stay with you long after you finished reading it. It is the type of book you want to read again after finding out "the secret". All. The. Stars.

With many thanks to NetGalley, Adam Hamdy and Pan Macmillan, Simon & Schuster Canada, Atria Books for the giving of the ARC.

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