Small Angels by Lauren Owen

Small Angels
.ePUB, 368 pages
Expected Publication: 02 Aug 2022
By: Random House Publishing Group

About The Book:
As a teenager, Kate found a safe harbor from her parents' constant fighting in the company of the four Gonne sisters, who lived with their strict grandparents next to Small Angels, a church on the edge of dense green woods. The first outsider to ever get close to the sisters, Kate eventually learned the family's secret: The woods are home to a capricious, menacing ghost whom generations of Gonnes had been charged with stopping from venturing into the village itself. But as the sisters grew older, braver, and more independent, bucking against the family's burden, the bulwark began to crack, culminating in a horrifying act of violence that drove a terrible wedge between the sisters and Kate. Chloe has been planning her dream wedding for months. She has the dress, the flowers, and the perfect venue: Small Angels, a charming old church in the village where her fiancΓ©, Sam, and his sister, Kate, grew up. But days before the ceremony, Chloe starts to hear unsettling stories about Small Angels--and worse, she begins to see, smell, and hear things that couldn't possibly be real. Now Kate is returning home for the first time in years, for Sam and Chloe's wedding. But the woods are coming alive again, and Kate must reconnect with Lucia, the most troubled of the sisters and her first love, to protect Chloe, the village, and herself. 

My Review:
This year I am trying to broaden my reading choices and have been adding some fantasy into the mix and I have enjoyed it, for the most part, Small Angels is one of those fantastical, enjoyable reads for sure. It is a very detailed story so I was able to imagine the goings-on very clearly and the wording is very poetic to the point that I would call this a literary novel as well because it is very character-driven. I absolutely loved the gothic vibe and the alternating chapters from both Chloe and Kate's point of view but the best part are the chapters where Lucia chimes in with her family's back story. I only have one small niggle about the book and that is the fact that I found the middle a little slow going and the book was a tad repetitive at times. All in all a ghostly magical, yet creepy read.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Random House Publishing Group, and Lauren Owen for the giving of the ARC.

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