Barefoot in the Sand by Holly Chamberlin

Barefoot in the Sand
.ePUB, 350 pages
Expected Publication: June 29th 2021 by Kensington Books

About the Book:
There are moments that change your entire life's direction. For Arden Bell, owner of a cherished bookstore in the seaside hamlet of Eliot's Corner, one such moment comes early on a summer day when she opens the door to Laura Huntington--the daughter she hasn't seen in thirty-seven years. Not a day has passed in which Arden hasn't thought of the baby she glimpsed only once before her wealthy, powerful parents forced her to give her up for adoption. Shy and sheltered, Arden finally mustered the courage to leave her Maine hometown of Port George, changed her name, and has barely seen her parents since. Nor has she heard from Rob, the boy she was so passionately in love with. Now Laura's arrival, and her inevitable questions, will propel both women on a journey to forge a new relationship and unravel the past. Amid revelations and discoveries--sometimes painful, often unexpected--they will learn the truth about a long-ago summer, and about the risks we take and sacrifices we make for love.

My Review:
Our time will come to walk together barefoot in the sand. 
Our time will come to be together always.

I was caught up in this emotional journey in no time. Holly Chamberlin weaves a tale like no other, so I'm always prepared to be drawn into her characters quickly, and Barefoot in the Sand was no exception. The backstory is powerful and the 1984 chapters were my favourite.  The main characters are attention grabbing and the coming reunion was at the top of my mind as I moved through the pages. The mystery of what happened to Rob Smith was clever and added to the suspense and my enjoyment. I wanted to keep reading to find out the unknown reason behind his disappearance.

Holly Chamberlin continuously writes novels that are hard to put down. Her characters and plots are so real that it is almost impossible not to imagine yourself as one of them. The humanistic plot and real situations enable readers to become emerged into the story. The characters were ones I came to know and wanted to support. When they hurt...I hurt, when they cried...I cried. I loved the emotional depth that arose from this story and each aspect of it.

Part women's fiction, part mystery this is a book you won't soon forget. Thank you Holly for continuing to bring us into the lives of your characters. Highly recommend!

Thank you NetGalley, Holly Chamberlin and Kensington Books for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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