One Last Gift by Emily Stone

One Last Gift
.ePUB, 340 pages
Expected Publication: 11 Oct 2022
By: Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine, Dell

About The Book:
Cassie and Tom lost their parents at a young age and relied on each other--as well as a community of friends--to get through it. Especially Tom's best friend, Sam, who always made sure Tom and Cassie were surrounded with love. But now, twenty years later, Cassie has lost Tom as well. And in a way, she's also lost Sam; over the years they've drifted apart, and now the man she always had a crush on is someone she doesn't even recognize anymore. She's never felt more alone. Then she finds an envelope with her name on it, written in Tom's terrible handwriting, and she knows immediately what it is. It's the first clue in the Christmas scavenger hunt Tom made for her every year; he'd promised her for months that this year's would be the grandest one yet. At first, she's too scared to open it--what if she can't figure out the clues without his help? Or what if she does figure them all out, and her last connection to Tom is gone? Tom's clues set Cassie on a heart-wrenching and beautiful journey that will change her life--if she lets them. And as she travels from London to the Welsh mountains to the French countryside, she reconnects with old friends, rekindles a lost love, and most importantly, rediscovers herself. But once she's solved the final clue, will she be brave enough to accept the gift her brother has given her--and the love it's led her to?

My Review:

Last September I read and so loved Always, in December, so when I got an email asking me to read and review Emily Stone's new book I jumped at the chance. Christmas in July you say? Count me in. I adored this precious book so much. It is an incredible story about a brother and sisters love for each other. I really appreciated this take on the story as I am remarkable close to my own brother so it gave me all the feels. This is a sad story to start but as you read on you will find plenty to smile about. The scavenger hunt was a lot of fun and I loved watching Cassie grow from an awkward eighteen-year-old to a fierce woman in her twenties. Sam too redeemed himself to me, as he seemed like such a cad to start off with and I was so happy when he grew a conscience. Who would think that a book about grief, loss, and falsehoods would make such a lovely story? Emily Stone, that's who and the writing is so real and natural that I was able to read all 340 pages in a couple of sittings. Heartbreaking yet beautiful at the same time One Last List isn't your typical Christmas romance and I liked that about it.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine, Dell, and Emily Stone for the giving of the ARC.

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