Grace by Victoria Scott

.ePUB, 402 pages
Expected Publication: 07 July 2022
By: Head of Zeus/Aria

About The Book:
Nineteen-year-old Michelle has had a tough life, to say the least. Then she gets pregnant. She is convinced she would be a terrible mother but having grown up in care, she cannot bring herself to subject her child to the same fate. Amelia and her husband have dreamed of having a family for years, but have lost all hope after the worst kind of tragedy. Then they are offered the chance to adopt baby Grace, and it feels like they finally have everything they've ever wanted. But then Michelle decides she wants her daughter back, and it's up to the courts to decide. What is best for Grace – a mother's love, or a stable home? Whatever the ruling, one thing is certain: neither woman's life will ever be the same again.

My Review:
I loved Victoria Scott's Patience so last winter when I saw she had a new book coming out I was very excited. I can say with 100% certainty that Grace met or exceeded all of my expectations. I knew from the blurb alone I was gonna love this one and just as she did with Patience Victoria Scott had me feeling all the feels for everyone involved. I liked the three points of view, from the mother who gave the baby up, the adoptive mother, and from the judge. The author writes characters that are so real and true to life you feel as though you know them. I felt for both sides in this case as I was a teen mom who kept her baby, but I felt for Amelia as well as she had gone through so much. Am I ever glad I am not in the position to have to decide on cases such as this. Scott writes both sides with sympathy and understanding. There are some harsh realities dealt with in this story, such as drug use, mental health, and sexual assault but the author uses an empathetic touch and lots of understanding to get the point across in a very real way. Such a beautifully heartbreakingly sad story that made this reader grateful for everything she has. Highly recommend...All. The. Stars.

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