Shelter by Catherine Jinks

.PDF, 236 pages
Expected publication: January 5th 2021 by Text Publishing

About the Book:
Meg lives alone: a little place in the bush outside town. A perfect place to hide. That’s one of the reasons she offers to shelter Nerine, who’s escaping a violent ex. The other is that Meg knows what it’s like to live with an abusive partner. Nerine is jumpy and her two little girls are frightened. It tells Meg all she needs to know where they’ve come from, and she’s not all that surprised when Nerine asks her to get hold of a gun. But she knows it’s unnecessary. They’re safe now. Then she starts to wonder about some little things. A disturbed flyscreen. A tune playing on her wind-chimes. Has Nerine’s ex tracked them down? Has Meg’s husband turned up to torment her some more? By the time she finds out, it’ll be too late to do anything but run for her life.

My Review:
Shelter by Catherine Jinks is a dark and gritty story, set in rural Australia, and is a riveting thriller that is stark yet quite atmospheric. (check out that cover) The characters are deeply flawed yet some of them are surprisingly appealing and strong willed. I especially liked how she wrote about a toddler and five year old. Their behaviour, speech and thoughts were so believable...well done!

The setting springs vibrantly to life and provides the perfect backdrop for the shocking pasts we learn about that our main characters went through. Catherine Jinks brings this incredibly fascinating novel, with lots of twists to an amazing conclusion, I highly recommend it and look forward to future books by Ms. Jinks.

Thank you NetGalley, Catherine Jinks and Text Publishing for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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