The Mistletoe Mixtape : A collection of twelve short stories to help you fall in love with Christmas, one song at a time by Sarah Shard Et al.

Print Length 268 pages
Publication Date: September 27th, 2022
By: Independently published
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About The Book:
The Mistletoe Mixtape, the second anthology from The Christmas Collective, is a diverse and inclusive mix of stories, with more swoon-worthy characters, second chances and happy endings. Amongst these twelve Christmas music inspired stories you will discover long lost love, festive fantasy, LGBTQ+ love stories, witty one liners and holiday romances.

My Review:
I loved how diverse this book was. It is a collection of love stories based on songs and there is a least one story everyone can relate to. I felt connected to these characters and that isn't an easy thing to do with a short story. I was cheering these characters on and willing them to find their person. I was happy when they did and felt sad and sorry for them when they didn't. 

 I appreciated that tough subject matter was dealt with while at the same time being romantic and holding the Christmas magic, that's not easy to do well. As we are all busy during this hectic holiday time, it was nice to be able to read a story or two at a time and put the book down when a story was completed, that's the best thing about a book of short stories, you feel complete even though the entire book hasn't been finished 

This is the second book in the collection, I have not read the first (More Than Mistletoe) but fully intend to do so. This is definitely a stand-alone as I said it is a collection of short stories and a very good collection at that.

I would like to thank my Secret Santa for this lovely book it was so very festive.

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