Driving Home for Christmas by Joanna Bolouri

.ePUB, 268 pages
Publication Date: October 1, 2022
By: Quercus
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About The Book:
Three Christmases. Two broken hearts. One hell of a journey. Driving home marks the start of the holidays for Kate and Ed, who have made this journey every Christmas of their 10-year long relationship. Normally the seasonal hits blare from the car stereo, and they are guaranteed to be wearing ridiculous jumpers in anticipation, but this year a frosty silence fills the car....A massive argument leads to the immediate collapse of their relationship. But the show must go on, so they decide to brave their families together one last time. With three Christmases to celebrate, an old flame waiting under the mistletoe and a shed-load of expectation around their future together, this most wonderful time of year is anything but. There will be turkey, tiffs and tantrums galore, but it's sure to be a Christmas they'll never forget.

My Review:
I just love books by Joanna Bolouri. I recently read All I Want for Christmas and this one just proves she is now my go-to for all things Christmas. I really liked these characters and their story. It felt true to life. The hurt they felt was realistic and their journey, both physical and emotional was one I could relate to. It was a stark reminder that not everyone loves Christmas as it can be stressful and even sad for some. 

As much as I liked all the characters in this story...I did not like Ed's mother at all. Yvonne pushed Kate about having children and said things like tick-tock. I have two childless children and I am happy if they are happy. It is not up to our children to give us grandbabies because we want them...WTF? I know this happens in real life as well.

The way the book is written was a plus, with flashback chapters we readers are able to get to the bottom of what exactly is going on with Kate and Ed. I loved reading about their early relationship and getting to know them as their younger selves, I was really cheering them on and hoping they'd work things out. This was a unique take on the will they or won't they trope, with a touch of festive magic. I have this author's book The Most Wonderful Time of the Year as well and will be reading it as well this holiday season!

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