The Christmas Letters by Jenny Hale

.ePUB, 235 pages
Publication Date: October 3, 2022
By: Harpeth Road Press
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About The Book:
Elizabeth Holloway's sparkling world comes crashing down around her when her boyfriend of seven years drops the bomb that he’s leaving her—at Christmas. In an attempt to piece her life back together, she suddenly finds herself seven hundred miles from her New York City home, trudging through the snow, back at her childhood farm in the Great Smoky Mountains. And she isn’t expecting to meet visitor Paul Dawson with his dazzlingly blue eyes and warm smile, chipping away at her resolve to focus on figuring out who she is and what she really wants in life. Just when she starts to think things are moving in the right direction, a stack of letters from Elizabeth’s grandmother will change everything she thought she knew about her family and cause a divide between her and Paul that she never saw coming. Under the glitter of Christmas trees and bundles of mistletoe, Elizabeth uncovers more than she’d ever imagined. Will the Christmas letters strip her of everything she holds dear? Or will they be the biggest gift of the season?

My Review:
After being dumped by her boyfriend, at Christmas no less, Liz goes back home to Tennessee with her tail between her legs. She has no job, no experience, and is questioning her life choices. I love the way the author made me really feel the atmosphere of the smokey mountains. Farm life, a snowstorm, decorating and cooking for the holidays. This book was like a warm hug, it takes place in a cozy town and has relatable characters. Jenny Hale has made me want to visit Tennessee in winter, especially to ride horses in the snow.  I knew how it was going to turn out almost right away. Like Elizabeth and Paul enough as a couple but they didn't make me swoon. I was glad Liz found her happiness in the end.

Elizabeth is very fortunate to have a mom and her grandma's friend Beatrice around as they give really good advice. I adored Liz's grandmother's letters, they were so sweet and lovely. Reminded me of my own grandmother whose birthday was last week. If she were still alive she'd only be a few years older than Elizabeth's gran. 

This was such a sweet book that put me in the holiday spirit. From snow storms to hot chocolates loaded with whipped cream I was feeling very festive while reading this romance. I drooled over all the food that is mentioned, and of course the drinks...spiced coffee and loaded hot chocolate, anyone!? Overall an okay, feel good, quick read. A story about the holidays but also about family and falling in love.

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