A Christmas Memory by Richard Paul Evans

.ePUB, 192 pages
Publication Date: November 22, 2022
By: Gallery Books
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About The Book:
It’s 1967, and for young Richard it’s a time of heartbreak and turmoil. Over the span of a few months, his brother, Mark, is killed in Vietnam; his father loses his job and moves the family from California to his grandmother’s abandoned home in Utah; and his parents make the painful decision to separate. With uncertainty rattling every corner of his life, Richard does his best to remain strong—but when he’s run down by bullies at his new school, he meets Mr. Foster, an elderly neighbor who chases off the bullies and invites Richard in for a cup of cocoa. Richard becomes fast friends with the wise, solitary man who inspires Richard’s love for books and whose dog, Gollum, becomes his closest companion. As the holidays approach, the joy and light of Christmas seem unlikely to permeate the Evans home as things take a grim turn for the worse. And just when it seems like he has nothing left to lose, Richard is confronted by a startling revelation. But with Mr. Foster’s wisdom and kindness, he learns for the first time what truly matters about the spirit of the season: that forgiveness can heal even the deepest wounds, and love endures long after the pain of loss subsides.

My Review:
This book was such a comfort read, like a warm mug of hot cocoa after a cold day of shoveling snow. Speaking of hot cocoa, the food and drinks Mr. Foster prepared and how the author described them made my mouth water. I loved that the main characters were both male and that they enjoyed baking and cooking together.

The story takes place in 1967. Richard is eight years old when his family moves from California to Utah. His parents are going through a hard time after his older brother dies in Vietnam. Shortly after the move, Richards's parents separate and Richard meets his neighbour, Mr. Foster (and his dog Gollum). Mr. Foster becomes Richard's friend and confidant. I loved the relationship between the generations, there is so much to benefit from it and we can learn from each other. Mr. Foster is very wise and was so wonderful to Richard and for him. I found Richard to be such a kind-hearted and loving soul, who was wise beyond his years.

There is so very much to love about this book. it was heartwarming and incredibly touching, especially since it is based on the experience of the author. If you read one holiday book this year make sure it is this one and have a box of tissues handy. All. The. Stars.

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