Gifts by Laura Barnett

Print Length 224 pages
Publication Date: November 11, 2021
By: W&N
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About The Book:
TWELVE PEOPLE...TWELVE GIFTS...ONE CHRISTMAS TO REMEMBER...Maddy runs the bookshop on Market Square. She's struggling to choose a gift (a watch? a wine subscription? a weekend bag? all too much?) for her old school friend Peter, who's just moved back from London following a messy divorce. Peter doesn't have a clue what to get for his teenage daughter Chloe - furious with her mother, she's decided to up sticks and move to Kent with him, but he worries that he really doesn't know her at all. Chloe wants to buy something special for her grandmother Irene, who lives alone on the other side of town. Irene doesn't get out much these days, but she'd really like to find the right gift for Alina, who's so much more than a carer, really - always stops to chat for a bit, have a cup of tea, even if it makes her late. And Alina, meanwhile, has her eye on something for...

My Review:
This was a wonderful collection of 12 short stories about selecting the perfect gift loved one, the difference with this collection is that everyone knows each other they are all connected in some way, big and small.

I loved these stories, they were sentimental without being saccharine and were about the true meaning of Christmas. Gifts aren't the be all end all of Christmas but when someone puts a lot of thought into something they gift you it means a lot. I was reminded of this the other day with this cartoon and gift my now 33 year old son gave me almost thirty years ago. As the saying goes, it is the thought that counts.

As far as I am concerned these stories were a gift. They were a mix of feelings, some happy and others sad. But they all were festive and real and I adored them and I think you will too. Happy holidays everyone!

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