A Million Little Lies by Bette Lee Crosby

ebook, 285 pages
Expected publication: June 16th 2020 by Bent Pine Publishing
About the Book:
When Suzanna Duff was ten years old, she lost her mama, and that’s when the lies began. At first, they were just harmless little fibs, a way to hide her unbearable loneliness and the truth about a daddy who came home rip-roaring drunk every night. But in time, the lies grew bigger and now, when she is a grown woman with a daughter of her own, they threaten to destroy everything she loves. The irony of this situation is that Suzanna never planned to stay in Georgia, she was simply passing through, looking for a fresh start in New Jersey. Attending that wake with her daughter Annie, was a fluke. An opportunity to enjoy a free meal. It should have entailed nothing more than a solemn nod and a brief expression of sympathy but, Ida Parker, the grieving widow mistook her for her the granddaughter who was carried off as an infant. Too embarrassed to do anything else, Suzanna played along. What harm was there in pretending to be someone else for a few hours? Hours turned into days and days into weeks; strangers became friends, love happened, and before long a year had flown by. Now the past is standing on her doorstep and Suzanna must decide to leave here and disappear as she has done before, or tell the truth and break the hearts of those she loves most.

Loneliness is worse than cancer. Cancer only destroys your body, but loneliness, that eats away at every part of you, even your heart and mind.

I am a new Bette Lee Crosby fan. I recently read her Wyattsville series and immediately fell in love with her writing. Her books contain southern charm, a bit of romance, a sprinkle of mystery and a touch of class. Every one of her books I have read in a day. I instantly connected to Bette Lee Crosby's writing style, her storytelling, her characters. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a fan of books that take place in the south. I’m at a loss for words to convey how much I loved this book, how sad I was to finish it. When you feel as though you’re losing friends, well that says something. An emotional roller coaster of a story, secrets are revealed right to the end. The book is filled with secrets, betrayal, loss, death, forgiveness, redemption, with love shining through. A stunning achievement. This is poignant, happy, yet always amazing.

Thank you NetGalley, Bent Pine Publishing and Bette Lee Crosby for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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