After The AccidentAfter The Accident by Kerry Wilkinson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I am a Kerry Wilkinson fan...this one, though, didn't really hit the mark for me. It centers around a family vacation and weird things start happening, causing suspicion in those around them. It's told via interviews and I thought that was a creative way to go.

While this was an interesting mystery, and there were surprises at the end, I couldn't get into these characters the way I like to when reading a mystery book. I don't know if there were just too many characters and the book wasn't long enough to delve deeply into each of them, but I didn't feel like I understood their motivations for the things they end up doing (or choosing not to do). I think if I had gotten a deeper view into each character's mindset, I would have enjoyed the story more. I am still confused if this is fiction or not.

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