The Girls Who Disappeared by Claire Douglas

.ePUB, 286 pages
Expected Publication: 10 Jan 2023
By: Harper Paperbacks
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About The Book:
A car accident. Three missing girls. A twenty-year mystery. A woman on the verge of discovering the truth . . .In a rural Wilshire town lies the Devil's Corridor--a haunted road which has witnessed eerie happenings, from unexplained deaths to the sounds of a child crying in the night. In this bucolic stretch of Southwest England famous for its otherworldly sites, nothing is more puzzling than the Olivia Rutherford case. Four girls were driving home. After their car crashed only one--Olivia--was found. What happened to the girls who disappeared? On the twentieth anniversary of the tragedy, journalist Jenna Halliday has arrived in Wiltshire to cover the case. The locals aren't happy with this outsider determined to dig into the past. Least of all Olivia. Soon, Jenna starts receiving menacing notes. The locals have made it clear she's not welcome. But someone is going to make her leave one way or another. Jenna's been warned: she must get out of this town before she suffers a dark fate . . . and becomes another mystery attached to this place.

My Review:
I do not like writing bad reviews so I just have to admit to myself that this author and I are not a good mix. Please read other reviews as it has many good ones, but this was the second book by this author that is just not for me. This story was really slow to start, never really picked up the pace, and failed to keep me engaged. 

I did like the dual timeline of the past and present, it is one of my favourite types of books to read. There were many excellent characters in the book and you never really know who exactly you can trust. The was such a spooky element in the plot, perfect for this time of year. Lots of maybe supernatural and/or paranormal elements to keep you entertained.

Unfortunately, there was no surprising twist and although that isn't necessary to enjoy a good thriller, this one so lacked in other areas it made it even more disappointing. It felt like I was reading someone's personal diary and not a story at all. The parallel Thailand sections had me confused as to whether it was in the past or present. 

In the end, it started to get way too over the top for me and by the time I got there I just really didn't care what happened any longer as I wasn't invested in the story at all by that point. The ending was also quite disappointing because the story had merged into something I had found very frustrating. I really find writing bad reviews so much harder than the good ones. I just think I am the wrong person for this type of book.

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