Kinnara by Kevin Ansbro

Paperback, 253 pages
Published: 13 Aug 2018
By: 2QT Limited
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About The Book:
Phuket, Thailand, seemed to be the perfect getaway choice for twenty-two-year-old Calum Armstrong: What he saw, and did, on that holiday proves to have far-reaching consequences; not only for himself, but also for those closest to him. In Germany, uncompromising Frankfurt detective, Otto Netzer, is leading the manhunt for a brutal serial killer who preys on heavily-pregnant women…Neither Calum, nor the killer, yet realise that their destiny lies in the hands of a mythical creature who resides beneath the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea.

My Review:
I did not read this book, I inhaled it and I especially loved being in Phuket, Thailand, a place I have never visited. Mr. Ansbro certainly took me on a journey there with his descriptions of the people, food, language, and weather. I am not generally a big fan of science fiction but this one is more of a mythical adventure and what a trip it was!

I have said in a previous review that the author is a world builder and in this novel he weaves a tale of four different worlds. As I mentioned above we are taken to Thailand but we also escape to England, Germany, and the deep sea home of The Kinnara. 

My favourite part of this adventure was the relationship between Calum and Sawat. I enjoyed their time together and rapport so much that I could have read a whole book about their adventures alone.

The book was surprisingly funny too and I often found myself laughing out loud. Dear Kevin, I will never attempt to remove an eyelash from someone's face ever again...And your remark about the empty suitcases on TV reminded me of my own pet peeve about empty handbags that actresses carry around on television and in the movies. I just loved this book so much, pure genius and magical.

Many thanks to the author for the gifted copy. I shall treasure it forever.


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