The Undiscovered Deaths of Grace McGill by C.S. Robertson

The Undiscovered Deaths of Grace McGill
.PDF, 368 pages
Expected Publication: 20 Jan 2022
By: Hodder & Stoughton

About The Book:
Death is not the end. For Grace McGill, it's only the beginning. When people die alone and undiscovered, it's her job to clean up what's left behind - whether it's clutter, bodily remains or dark secrets. When an old man lies undetected in his flat for months, it seems an unremarkable life and an unnoticed death. But Grace knows that everyone has a story and that all deaths mean something more.

My Review:
This was my first book by Craig Robertson and it wasn't what I was expecting. It turned out to be such a pleasant surprise! The story itself isn't a pleasant one, grace is a cleaner of dead bodies left to rot, what an interesting and unique premise. This book starts of a slow burn with a bit of a character study but by the halfway point the pace really picked up and things got really tense and very interesting.

I really loved Grace as a character. She seemed so naive and a little dense in the beginning but she turned out to be a pillar of strength and one smart cookie by the end. This book is heartbreaking in its way and I really enjoyed watching Grace figure out the mystery, this is the type of book that only gets better as you read and I loved that I was surprised by the many twists. This novel is very dark and at times gruesome so if you decide to read it I hope you have a strong stomach, I loved it though...and that ending was simply the best. Mr. Robertson you have a new fan!

With many thanks to NetGalley, C.S. Robertson and Hodder & Stoughton for the giving of the ARC.

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