12 Hours to Say I Love You by Olivia Poulet and Laurence Dobiesz

12 Hours to Say I Love You
.PDF, 496 pages
Expected Publication: 03 Feb 2022
By: Headline Review

About The Book:
Whir, beep, click, breath. Whir, beep, click, breath. Pippa Gallagher is rushed in to hospital following a traffic accident. As Pippa lies unconscious, she is aware of fragments. The day she met Steve Gallagher, her best friend and the man who would become the love of her life. The heartbreak she felt tonight as she got into her car, her eyes blurry from tears. Meanwhile Steve sits at her bedside, his eyes fixed on her pale, still face. He has no idea where his wife was going when she crashed. No clue as to why she became distracted behind the wheel. All he knows is that she is his world. And that he wasn't there when she needed him most. For the next twelve hours, Steve tells Pippa all the reasons he loves her. But is it too late? Can Pippa find her way back to him?

My Review:
Oh my gosh, this book nearly broke me. It was so romantic and funny and real and relatable. I love that it is written by both a male and female author. I was able to read this in two sittings as I wanted to know where the story of Pippa and Steve was headed. This was such an emotional read and I loved every page, there was such humor, poignancy and depth...but most of all there was love...the friendship kind, the family type and the couple variety.

This was such a nice surprise because I wanted to read this book based on the cover and blurb alone. That ending was amazing and I do hope it means there will be a book two, if not I will let my imagination decide what happens next. If you love a great romance story that is really so much more than that I highly recommend this read. 

With many thanks to NetGalley, Olivia Poulet, Laurence Dobiesz and Headline Review for granting my wish and the giving of the ARC.

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