The Unwelcome Guest by Amanda Robson

The Unwelcome Guest
.ePUB, 354 pages
Expected Publication: August 19th 2021 by Avon Books UK

About the Book:
Saffron vowed to love Miles no matter what life threw at them both. But when her mother-in-law moves into their happy family home, Saffron’s shiny life begins to tarnish. Even as Caprice’s barbed comments turn to something more sinister, Saffron hopes the new nanny’s arrival will shield her from the worst of it. She’s starting to feel paranoid in her own home. Little does she realise that Caprice longs for a new daughter-in-law – and she’ll do anything to make that happen.

My Review:

This book was insanely readable. I don't what it was but the pages just turned themselves. The chapters were very short so that helped speed thing along. Every single character in this book is deplorable, I hated them all. A lot of the things that happened weren't entirely believable and there were so many red flags ignored and repeated I was shaking my head so fast I got dizzy! Miles was a wimp of the highest order and if any man let his mama treat me the way his mother treated his wife I would kick him and her to the curb! I have never read about a couple who distrusted each other as much as Miles and Saffron. I didn't think it could get any worse but towards the end it was almost ridiculous, I was rolling my eyes nearly every page. Why did I like so much? I have no idea but I couldn't put it down...kinda like you can't help but slow down to look at a car accident.

Thank you NetGalley, Amanda Robson and Avon Books UK for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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