Destroy Me by Karen Cole

Destroy Me
.ePUB, 231 pages
Expected Publication: March 18th 2021 by Mobius Books

About the Book:
Cat panics when she sees a photofit of a murder suspect flash up on the news. It looks exactly like her, and to make matters worse, the victim is her childhood best friend, Charlie. The following day, the police arrive at her doorstep to question her. She hadn't seen or spoken to Charlie in years, but could the secrets of their past finally be coming back to haunt her? Desperate to find out who gave the police her description and to protect her five-year-old son, Cat investigates. She knows she is innocent and will stop at nothing to prove it. But some secrets are best left buried.

My Review:
This book is about Cat and a secret from the past that she is keeping from everyone. Cat has been placed under suspicion of the murder of an old highschool friend, the friend she is keeping the secret with. Cat's life starts to fall apart so she decides she must investigate...just who is trying to throw her under the bus!?

This moved at an okay pace and there were plenty of suspects so red herrings abound. I didn't figure out the big reveal and really liked that Cat wasn't gonna take this lying down. What I didn't like was all the different back stories and little extras thrown in. It seemed to slow down the pace a little. The plot wasn't entirely believable but I liked how the author ending the book and the epilogue was absolutely awesome...I don't say that very often.

Thank you NetGalley, Karen Cole and Mobius Books for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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