She's Mine by A.A. Chaudhuri

She's Mine
.ePUB, 327 pages
Expected Publication: August 18th 2021 by Hera Books

About the Book:
Her missing daughter was just the start of the nightmare...Twenty years ago, Christine Donovan took a call she should have ignored while shopping. In those few seconds while her back was turned, her toddler, Heidi, was kidnapped. She’s never been seen again. Despite having two other children with husband Greg, Christine remains guilt-stricken that her neglect caused her child to be stolen, while haunted by a secret that consumes her. Just as she takes measures to finally heal, a note is posted through her door, with the words she has always longed to hear: Heidi isn’t dead. Christine might finally get the answers she craves - but what she doesn’t know is that finding her daughter will uncover dark secrets close to home. In seeking the truth, Christine might destroy everything that she loves … so how far is she willing to go to find Heidi?

My Review:
There was a lot going on in this book, from many points of view. I pretty much figured out what was going to happen by page 27. I knew the who and why but not the surprise at the very end.

This book was very repetitive, that same old question going through Christie's mind over and over again.Should I tell them? I cannot at this time, it will ruin everything...but I have to get it off my chest...maybe later I will tell them. Will they understand? No, they will think I am wretched and leave me. Nearly every chapter had something close to that in it.

I loathed every single character in this book. Not one of them had a single redeeming quality about them. They were all liars and cheaters and had hatred boiling their blood.

I wish the author had let us in on the secret and simply told the story through the young girls point of view. The book would been much more enjoyable from her point of view and I wouldn't have felt so deflated at knowing the big reveal.

The writing did suck me in I liked Chaudhuri's style and the last few chapters surprised even me so I am rounding up.


Thank you NetGalley, A.A. Chaudhuri and Hera Books for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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