Everything Has Changed by Kendra Smith

Everything Has Changed
.ePUB, 321 pages
Expected Publication: August 5th 2021 by Aria & Aries

About the Book:
When sisters Victoria and Lulu are involved in a life-changing car accident, it has far-reaching consequences for them both. Victoria's new world baffles her: she has adorable 10-year-old twins, right? Wrong. Her babies have grown into sulky teenagers and Vicky can't remember the inbetween. Amnesia has stolen nearly six years and she's a stranger in her own life. A now-frosty relationship with her husband James has Vicky thinking that maybe the collision is a chance to start over with those she loves most. Meanwhile, Lulu appears to have escaped the crash unscathed, but it's clear the accident has been a catalyst for unearthing the demons from her past. The trouble is, they're dragging her deeper into the bottle. Seeking refuge in a relationship that doesn't quite fit, Lulu knows things can't continue as they are.

My Review:
Someone drove into me – and everything changed.

I really enjoyed this book. We hear about the changes of two sisters after they're in an automobile accident. Both points of view were interesting and I loved how each sister tried to deal with their own personal situations, but for some reason I enjoyed Victoria's (aka Vicky) more. I think it was because she had amnesia, was dealing with sixteen year old twins and had an absent soon to be ex-husband. 

Lulu is about to get married but we the reader know pretty early that her heart isn't really in it. Her life becomes a car crash itself but she finds her strength and fights on to want to live her true dream and I really appreciated how hard that must have been for her. 

The writing felt true to real life and I liked how the author got her idea from being in an accident herself (without the amnesia). I also enjoyed that Victoria was a woman of a certain age but was trying to bring the romance back to her marriage, after suffering something truly awful. (I don't want any spoilers) It was really heartfelt the way the author wrote about it and everyone's feelings.

All in all a really good read that I was able to finish in a day because it kept me interested and cheering the ladies on. I would definitely read more by this talented author.

Thank you NetGalley, Kendra Smith and Aria & Aries for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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