The Bridesmaid by Nina Manning

The Bridesmaid
.ePUB, 277 pages
Expected Publication: May 27th 2021 by Boldwood Books

About the Book:
From the moment they met as children, Sasha knew that beautiful, wealthy, and confident Caitlin would always be her absolute best friend. Sasha would do anything to make Caitlin happy. Even keep her darkest secrets…The years have passed, but their friendship remains. And when Caitlin announces she’s getting married there is only one choice for the role of bridesmaid. Sasha will make sure Caitlin’s wedding is as beautiful and perfect as she is. Won’t she? But as the big day approaches, cracks begin to appear. Because no matter what Sasha does, she never seems to make Caitlin happy. And the secrets that once bound these two friends, now threaten to rip them apart for good.

My Review:
I was unsure what to rate this. I really enjoyed this book and got sucked into it and boy was it ever a readable page turner...BUT it was not a thriller...not by my definition. This was more like a dramatic chick lit story with a bit of a mystery thrown in and I really liked it.

The plot was interesting and I loved the format of before and now. It is told from the singular point of view and you really got to know the two main characters because of that. I really appreciate Nina Mannings writing style and the way she keeps you wanting to know more. The whole time I was reading this I kept saying to myself "just one more chapter". I was able to read it in a single sitting...that must account for something. Also, I would definitely read more by Miss Manning and that is a big complement. 

I am going to go with 3.5 Stars and round it up to 4 for the sheer readability factor. 

Thank you NetGalley, Nina Manning and Boldwood Books for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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