Girl in the Walls by A.J. Gnuse

Girl in the Walls
.ePUB, 314 pages
Expected Publication: May 11th 2021 by Ecco

About the Book:
Elise knows every inch of the house. She knows which boards will creak. She knows where the gaps are in the walls. She knows which parts can take her in, hide her away. It’s home, after all. The home her parents made for her, before they were taken from her in a car crash. And home is where you stay, no matter what. Eddie is a teenager trying to forget about the girl he sometimes sees out of the corner of his eye. But when his hotheaded older brother senses her, too, they are faced with the question of how to get rid of someone they aren’t sure even exists. And as they try to cast her out, they unwittingly bring an unexpected and far more real threat to their doorstep.

My Review:
Oh My Gosh, this book was a read it in one sitting novel. This story drew me in and I could not stop reading, even knowing from the start that young, resourceful Elise was in such a sad, untenable situation and the facade of her life could crumble at any moment. It's well-written and believable, with an eleven-year old female lead so brave and strong. The friendship she strikes up with the young boy neighbor and her devotion to her house provide spots of warmth and happiness in an otherwise bleak existence.

I can't say every page was enjoyable because this is not a happiness and light story. But it moved me, from Elise's loss of the parents she loved and depended upon; to a young girl's efforts to maintain normality when her life's anything but; to Eddie's situation and the mistake Marshall makes that brings everything to a head: truly a thought- and emotion-provoking, excellent read. Thank you twitterverse as that is where I came to hear about this most amazing book...All. The. Stars.

Thank you NetGalley, A.J. Gnuse and Ecco for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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