The Secrets Between Us by Louise Douglas

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.ePUB, 415 pages
Expected Publication: February 18th 2021 by Boldwood Books

About the Book:
Having escaped to the south coast of Sicily to recover from a broken heart, Sarah is immediately drawn to charming and mysterious Alex. He too is looking for a fresh start after the end of his marriage, and Sarah can’t resist Alex’s offer of a new life together. But when Sarah joins Alex in a tiny Somerset village, something doesn't add up. Alex's beautiful wife Genevieve was adored by all who knew her. And by all accounts, she and Alex had a successful marriage complete with a gorgeous son, Jamie. Why would Genevieve walk out on her perfect life? And why has no one heard from her since she did so? Genevieve's family and friends think that Alex knows more about her disappearance than he's letting on. But Sarah's fallen in love and just knows Alex couldn't have anything to hide. Or could he?

My Review:
With vibes of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier The Secrets Between Us is a Gothic mystery filled with atmospheric doom and a romance for the ages. The author brilliantly disguises the characters' motivations, so that the true causes of things remain a mystery until about two-thirds into the novel when the main crisis unfolds. We then realize that the heroine, who sees things through the lens of her own feelings of inferiority completely misses the truth, which is to her a shock and relief at the same time.

I loved the descriptions of the various settings and the character development...and in this book the estate Avalon is both. Descriptions of the plants and the grounds and the woods and the animals were so detailed and beautifully done yet they weren't distracting from the story. I had lovely images of the Somerset dancing in my head. 

If you love creepy mysteries I highly recommend this book!

Thank you NetGalley, Louise Douglas, Boldwood Books for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

#TheSecretsBetweenUs #NetGalley


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