The Family Ship by Sonja Yoerg

.ePUB, 326 pages
Expected publication: February 23rd 2021 by Lake Union Publishing

About the Book:
Chesapeake Bay, 1980. Eighteen-year-old Verity Vergennes is the captain of the USS Nepenthe, and her seven younger siblings are her crew. The ship—an oyster boat transformed into a make-believe destroyer—is the heart of the Vergennes family, a place both to play and to learn responsibility. But Verity’s had it with being tied to the ship and secretly applies to a distant college. If only her parents could bear to let her go. Maeve and Arthur Vergennes already suffered one loss when, five years earlier, their eldest son, Jude, stormed out and never returned. Now Maeve is pregnant again and something’s amiss. Verity yearns to follow her dreams, but how can she jump ship now? The problem, and perhaps the answer, lies with Jude. When disaster strikes and the family unravels, Verity must rally her sibling crew to keep the Nepenthe and all it symbolizes afloat. Sailing away from home, she discovers, is never easy—not if you ever hope to find your way back.

My Review:
Hope’s more important than what you actually have in your hand.
You can lose what you have, but there’s always more to hope for.

Another sound novel from Sonja Yoerg. Immensely readable about the plight of the Vergennes clan. Oh my goodness I loved this book. This novel is so perfect...Beautifully crafted and written in what appears to be an effortless and casually told manner. 

This book is clever, funny, heartfelt, heartbreaking and profound...I loved every word and devoured the whole thing in two sittings, resentful of all the time I could not be reading it. Now I’m bereaved of the characters and at a loss of what to read next that could come anywhere near to it. My heart is in Chesapeake Bay.

The Family Ship brings us the everyday life of a large family in Chesapeake Bay and the two oldest children who decide it is time to change direction. This is another excellent novel by Ms. Yoerg, who never disappoints.

Thank you NetGalley, Sonja Yoerg and Lake Union Publishing for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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