The Echo Wife by Sarah Gailey

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.ePUB, 262 pages
Expected Publication: February 16th 2021 by Macmillan-Tor/Forge

About the Book:
I’m embarrassed, still, by how long it took me to notice. Everything was right there in the open, right there in front of me, but it still took me so long to see the person I had married. It took me so long to hate him. Martine is a genetically cloned replica made from Evelyn Caldwell’s award-winning research. She’s patient and gentle and obedient. She’s everything Evelyn swore she’d never be. And she’s having an affair with Evelyn’s husband. Now, the cheating bastard is dead, and both Caldwell wives have a mess to clean up. Good thing Evelyn Caldwell is used to getting her hands dirty.

My Review:
She wasn’t even legally a human being, much less a friend.

This book was so freaky in the best possible way. I would call it science fiction with a twist of domestic thriller and I loved it. Sci-Fi is not usually my bag but this was right up my alley. The writing really sucked me in and I read it in a couple of sittings. I loved the moral delimas the character went through and the different themes throughout the book, it is a real thinker in the that aspect. 

Sarah Gailey has crafted a fantastic book with great characters and a story that keeps you guessing from start to finish. I hate comparing author's work BUT I am new to the sci-fi genre and have recently enjoyed a few books by John Marrs so if you like him I think you'll enjoy this. I would have rated it five stars but I got a little bogged down with all the scientific vocabulary.

Thank you NetGalley, Sarah Gailey and Macmillan-Tor/Forge for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

#TheEchoWife #NetGalley


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