You Let Him In by JA Andrews

ebook, 247 pages
Expected publication: August 19th 2020 by Hera Books
About the Book:
All Jenny Clifton ever wanted was to be the ideal wife and mother. When she married Michael in a fairytale wedding, followed by the birth of baby Daniel, her life was complete. Yet just three years later, the shine has faded. Now, money is tight, and the occasional argument has become daily screaming matches between Jenny and Michael. Something needs to change… and it does, when Michael is killed in a brutal hit and run, breathing his last with a stranger holding his hand. Lonely and distraught, Jenny strikes up an unlikely friendship with the witness to the accident, clinging to the connection with the man who watched Michael die. But as she uncovers the secrets that her husband was keeping, Jenny realises that her perfect life may have been a perfect lie - and worse, that her new friend may be harbouring dangerous secrets of his own.

There is a lot of inner dialogue in this book. I don't usually mind that BUT it was really repetitive and the characters were so whiny. A reader can only take so much of that. Jenny was a weak, gullible wife who knew nothing about her family's finances. I have a hard time believing a 21st century wife would behave that way, not just being submissive but with on- line accounts how can she know nothing of her family's credit cards, mortgage and bank accounts!? Donna was the usual bitchy, overbearing mother-in-law, Michael was a lying prick and Gary was a complete psychopath.

The plot was pretty predictable and I figured out the big reveal about a third of the way through the book. Even that is ok when the book has other attributes to carry it along. This one doesn't. The writing is pedestrian and I hated every single character. I had no one to cheer for or sympathize with. The book's blurb makes this seem like a good idea, and it is but the execution failed in a wretchedly, pitiable manner.

Thank you NetGalley, JA Andrews and Hera Books for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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