The Moon is Missing by Jenni Ogden

ebook, 358 pages
Expected publication: August 25th 2020 by Sea Dragon Press
About the Book:
Georgia Grayson has perfected the art of being two people: a neurosurgeon on track to becoming the first female Director of Neurosurgery at a large London hospital, and a wife and mother. Home is her haven where, with husband Adam’s support, she copes with her occasional anxiety attacks. That is until her daughter, 15-year-old Lara, demands to know more about Danny, her mysterious biological father from New Orleans who died before she was born. “Who was he? Why did he die? WHO AM I?” Trouble is, Georgia can’t tell her. As escalating panic attacks prevent her from operating, and therapy fails to bring back the memories she has repressed, fractures rip through her once happy family. Georgia sees only one way forward— to return to New Orleans where Danny first sang his way into her heart, and then to the rugged island where he fell to his death. Somehow she must uncover the truth Lara deserves, whatever the cost.

If I can mend a brain, how hard can it be to heal the hole in my heart?

This story is wonderfully written. The Moon is Missing is a story of family, lessons learned, love and forgiveness.....especially forgiveness of ones self. There are also some secrets thrown in for good measure. I loved this story and I really loved the different locations of the book.

For me this was an enthralling escape into a beautifully written story. It made me realize that the journey for each of us is unique. I absolutely loved this book including the stunning cover. It gave me feelings from heartbreak to cheering for Georgia as she struggles with her decisions. Jenni Ogden has such an amazing talent for tapping into the readers' emotions, creating excitement to read the next page. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting a book that will keep you captivated and will echo in your mind well after you have turned the last page.

Thank you to NetGalley, Sea Dragon Press and I also want to thank Jenni Ogden for the copy of this intriguing and intricately written book. I am very honoured for the opportunity to have read it. I really loved it. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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