The Years After You by Emma Woolf

ebook, 305 pages
Published October 8th 2019 by Amberjack Publishing
About the Book:
An affair. Wife, mistress, the man in the middle. Laugh it off only to lie awake worrying later. Is this really happening? When it implodes, what then? The assistant didn’t mean to fall in love and become “the other woman.” The wife was just venturing her first steps into life beyond the roles of mother and partner when her suspicions about another woman took root. When the well-respected man sinks deeper into mental illness, each person’s next move isn’t a question of blame alone, but of the ethics of love—of unapologetic decisions and confronting the aftermath.

I love books I can lose myself in for hours, books that touch my emotions, books that continue to stir my thoughts after I've lain them down. This is that type of book. My heart still aches as I write this not just for the characters in the book but for the broader issue of mental health and addiction awareness.

The institution of marriage is re-purposed several times throughout the text in a way that challenges one's preconceived notions of what it means to be committed and love someone unconditionally. Emma Woolf created a story-line that not only reigns in the reader, but also creates complex protagonist who experience real life situations and unfortunate circumstances.

A tight, well written, moving story in which the characters come to life in a compelling, realistic way. I couldn’t put it down.

Thank you NetGalley, Emma Woolf and Amberjack Publishing for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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