The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen by Ada Bright & Cass Grafton

Kindle Edition, 313 pages
Expected publication: September 12th 2019 by Canelo
About the Book:
When a time travelling Jane Austen gets stuck in modern-day Bath it's up to avid Janeite Rose Wallace to save her… because she's the only one who knows that Jane exists! Rose Wallace’s world revolves around all things Austen, and with the annual festival in Bath – and the arrival of dishy archaeologist, Dr Aiden Trevellyan – just around the corner, all is well with the world. But then a mysterious woman who bears more than a passing resemblance to the great author moves in upstairs, and things take a disastrous turn. Rose’s new neighbour is Jane Austen, whose time travel adventure has been sabotaged by a mischievous dog, trapping her in the twenty-first century. Rose’s life is instantly changed – new home, new job, new friends – but she’s the only one who seems to have noticed! To right the world around her, she will have to do whatever it takes to help Jane get back home to write Rose’s beloved novels. Because a world without Mr Darcy? It's not worth living in!

Full disclosure: I am a HUGE Jane Austen fan and you can most certainly call me a Janeite.

Also, I am SO glad they changed the cover, good call because it makes much more sense than the original and I never would have read this wonderful story if they hadn't.

Ada Bright & Cass Grafton really bring it with humor, lively action, and a supporting cast that remind me of the classic comedies of old. Everyone is going every which way to get Jane back, and readers find themselves cheering with every turn of the page. It’s good, clean fun and that makes this book a quick, light read.

This was such a enjoyable story. The plot moved quickly to the expected time-travel and then didn't stop. A hilarious mix of back-and-forth, misunderstandings, some people knowing too much and others not believing enough, all combine into an experience that doesn't hit the brakes until the final pages. This story will have YOU wishing that you had your own portal to another time. A real page-turner, this tale will have you completely enthralled. I highly recommend this book. Whether you’re a fan of romance novels or time-travel novels - or neither - you’re bound to enjoy the ride.

Thank you NetGalley, Ada Bright, Cass Grafton and Canelo for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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