Mother Knows Best by Kira Peikoff

Kindle Edition, 288 pages
Published September 10th 2019 by Crooked Lane Books and Meryl L. Moss Media Relations
About the Book:
Claire Abrams’s dreams became a nightmare when she passed on a genetic mutation that killed her little boy. Now she wants a second chance to be a mother, and finds it in Robert Nash, a maverick fertility doctor who works under the radar with Jillian Hendricks, a cunning young scientist bent on making her mark—and seducing her boss. Claire, Robert, and Jillian work together to create the world’s first baby with three genetic parents—an unprecedented feat that could eliminate inherited disease. But when word of their illegal experiment leaks to the wrong person, Robert escapes into hiding with the now-pregnant Claire, leaving Jillian to serve out a prison sentence that destroys her future. Ten years later, a spunky girl named Abigail begins to understand that all is not right with the reclusive man and woman she knows as her parents. But the family’s problems are only beginning. Jillian, hardened by a decade of jealousy and loss, has returned—and nothing will stop her from reuniting with the man and daughter who should have been hers. Past, present—and future converge.

Even with all this, you still want to protect her the most. Isn’t that what it means to be a mother?

I’m absolutely buzzing about this book and I’m sure this one will create a whole lot more buzz in the next few months. How come I’d never heard of this author before? I can put it down in three words: she’s brilliant! Mother Knows Best is such a different read than what I’m used to but it’s still entirely my genre. I had already heard great things about this book, which made me even more skeptical really, but I readily agree that this book will most probably be hyped, if it’s not already...I’ve actually binge-read this one.

It’s no wonder I devoured these pages because the chapters were kept very short, only a few pages before alternating to one of the other timelines or the different people featured in this novel. This clever approach made me feel I had to keep turning these pages to know more. The end of this book proved to be quite thought-provoking too. After you’ve finished this book you are bound to think about the question: would you take do the test? Do you want to have the perfect child?

As the novel takes twists and turns galore, some of which I guessed, others that left me shaking my head in astonishment I couldn’t help applauding the author on her ability to keep the reader guessing until the last few chapters. I couldn’t help thinking this book is much more than a thriller it has depth, it explores themes in relationships which certainly make for a thought provoking read. A pregnancy based on three different pieces of DNA may seem far fetched but interestingly enough after reading this novel I’m convinced it’s something that could happen in years to come. A brilliant premise Kira Peikoff has written a fabulous book that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

I don’t know how but this book just worked its magic on me. Highly recommended read. Although you have a suspend the believe-ability factor, Kira Peikoff has done her research and holds a Master of Science degree in Bioethics from Columbia University so I am gonna let it pass.

Thank you NetGalley, Kira Peikoff, Crooked Lane Books and Meryl L. Moss Media Relations for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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